Maximum Flexibility

The video entry system that's right for all installation environments.

Advanced video entry system functions to match the most modern residential, business, industrial and service-sector scenarios. Individual homes or large residential complexes: IP360 provides the perfect solution.


IP360 by BPT is an exceptionally advanced, highly flexible video entry system. It surpasses the limits of traditional video entry systems. It features extensive system setup features, for example, there is no limit on the distance between panels, intercoms and receivers.

Open System

In a rapidly-changing world that constantly offers new technologies, IP360 fully meets the growing need for simplification and integration between different systems. By using standard communication protocols, the system opens up to endless possibilities of application, enabling the use of BPT video entry systems within multi-division systems. This allows the various devices in the group to communicate with each other and with third-party systems using a common language.

Integration with LAN Network

All the IP360 system devices can be connected to existing LAN networks, adding the functionalities of the digital system without the need for any special wiring. The system uses Ethernet distribution as its main communication structure.

The ethernet network guarantees almost infinite expansion of the system.

Cloud Oriented

Thanks to the network connection and without the need for additional devices, the IP360 video entry system is always connected to the internet. Via the CAME Cloud service, it makes it possible to remotely provide the user with a series of advanced features and enables installers to monitor installed systems, intervening quickly and safely when necessary.



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