We really take care of our customers and partners by providing them with dedicated services for Installers, designers and end users. Our networks of installation and technical assistance centres and spare part distributors offer excellent service and support at every stage of a project, from pre-sales services for customised solutions to after-sales technical assistance and specialised training for installers and designers 

Pre-sales services for customised solutions

We support urban designers and planners, general contractors and construction companies to see projects to the end by offering solutions that meet all automation, security, access control and parking requirements.

Post-sales technical assistance

  The Customer Service and the continuously operating Call Center satisfy the needs of professionals and end users in real time, generating useful feedback and guaranteeing the best Customer Quality.


We have created a busy schedule of training sessions including traditional classroom courses, increasingly popular e-learning courses and webinars. These are highly specialised training paths designed to broaden technical knowledge of products, preview new product releases and installation methods and analyse regulatory requirements for compliance. The purpose of this is to make our partners completely autonomous, teaching them how to reduce installation time and improving the quality of the service offered to customers.

CAME Training

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