Please find below a guide to our returns procedure, aimed to make replacement or repairs of faulty products simple and fast.

General Points
CAME electronic components are provided with a three year warranty. All warranty returns require a returns number which can be obtained by contacting our sales team. If the return is for a product with a suspected fault covered under warranty, you will first need to contact our technical team who will issue the returns number.

Advanced replacements
We do not offer advanced replacements, if you require a replacement product to be sent out in advance of the suspected faulty unit being returned, a purchase order will be required. Customers who do not hold a credit facility with us will need to pay for the replacement product by pro-forma or credit card. If we can find no fault with the original returned product (or it has been damaged and therefore not under warranty) a credit will not be raised and the original item returned to you.

A very large number of products returned show no indication of fault when bench tested. Our technical team are often able to resolve many issues over the phone, they will only issue a returns number if they have reached a conclusion that the product in question will require further inspection. If a returns number is issued, you must get the product back to us within 14 days.

It is important you are aware that we are issuing a fault returns number based solely on the information you have given us. This does not automatically confirm that the product is faulty as we can only diagnose a suspected fault based on what we are told over the telephone. Please be aware that your original product may not actually be faulty but might have been incorrectly installed, damaged during installation or unintentionally damaged during operation.

When we receive the suspected faulty product back, it will be fully tested. If the product, which is within the warranty period, is found to be faulty, a credit, repair or replacement product will be issued, depending on the requirement.

If no fault is found with the product, then the product will be returned to you with a copy of the inspection sheet and no credit or replacement will be issued.


Where we have provided a custom made product, we will not accept the goods back for credit under any circumstances, unless the products we have provided are diagnosed faulty by us.

Please note the following fault causes will negate the product warranty:

  • Water ingress
  • Unauthorised component replacement, using non CAME products.
  • Insect damage
  • Third party damage (e.g. evidence of a product that has been forced, or incorrect installation)

Under these circumstances, we will not raise a credit for the products or issue new products without charge.

Re-Stocking Charges
Where products have been ordered and are not required, CAME BPT Ireland will accept the products back under the following conditions:

  • The products have not been installed
  • The products are returned as complete items
  • All packaging and instructions for each product are as new

A re-stocking charge will be imposed on all unwanted returns. The amount will depend upon the condition of the products but will be a minimum of 10% of the value of the product for all returns within 30 days of the original purchase date.

Depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right to impose a higher re-stocking charge. Any products that we receive back that are not in the original packaging, which will enable us to resell the products to another customer, will be returned to the sender and no credit issued.

Repairs for products out of warranty will be conducted on a chargeable basis, we will advise of the inspection fee at the time a returns number is generated, a purchase order will be required prior to the inspection taking place. Customers who do not hold a credit facility with us will need to pay for the inspection charge by pro-forma or credit card. Where we do perform a repair, the repaired element of the product will come with a 3 month warranty from date of the repair shown on the invoice. However, please be aware that we are not able to repair any products for obsolete systems.

When sending goods back to CAME BPT Ireland for credit or repair:

  • Please package all items securely in an outer carton and ensure that the manufacturer’s packaging is not marked in any way and will not be damaged during transit.
  • Print out the Returns Order Number raised and fix to the outer carton.
  • Once your items are received in our warehouse if they returned for credit they will be thoroughly checked and if found to be in a suitable condition, a credit will be issued via your original payment method, less any applicable restocking charge
  • Please note that if the Returns Order Number is not attached, your return will be rejected by our goods in.




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