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Unless authorised in writing by CAME BPT UK (hereinafter “CAME”), Users agree to not use any CAME Images and Logos appearing in the website in compliance with the applicable law and especially as concerns the laws governing the safeguarding of intellectual and industrial property and over which CAME has exclusive rights (hereinafter “CAME Images and Logos”), as well as to comply  with the following conditions:

  1. Users agree not to register and copy CAME Images and Logos nor to authorise and/or facilitate such practice to third parties.

  2. Users may not include CAME Images and Logos with their firms, signs and/or company name nor use any word, sign, trademark, logo or domain that is equal to or similar to the CAME Images and Logos, or that could be mistaken for CAME Images and Logos.

  3. CAME reserves the right to request that Users, at any time and for any reason, remove, at their own expense, any references that are deemed harmful to the name and reputation of CAME and the group to which it belongs.

  4. Registered Users shall keep indemnified CAME, and any subjects to it connected or controlled, that is, its representatives, employees, collaborators, partners, and consortees from any loss, damage, liability, court and legal fees, or any third-party claims deriving from the violation of these Conditions, thereby including from any harmful references to the name and reputation of CAME and the group to which CAME belongs, its branches and partners and/or managers.

  5. Whatsoever issues should arise as concerns these General Conditions, shall be governed by the laws of the state of Italy. All disputes shall be subjected to Italian jurisdiction and tried by the exclusive competence of the Court of Treviso (Italy). In any case CAME reserves the right to convene Users before the Courts of the countries in which said Users have their registered offices.



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