"Not always a classic thermoregulation system, managed with single thermostats or programmable thermostats is functional to management of the climate at home. There are circumstances that require something more. In case of houses structured on several floors or large dimensions, it is often necessary to set the climate for each individual environment with different temperatures during the day, in order to ensure the right comfort and avoid unnecessary waste of energy. In these cases a system needs an advanced thermoregulation able to divide the house into "thermal zones" and manage every single zone with a dedicated program, monitoring the temperature through specific probes that each environment is equipped with. This is how the BPT multi-zone system was born, composed of a TH / PLUS Touch Screen terminal which is a group of devices connected to the bus network and from which one can manage up to 8 different thermal zones of the home / office. A technological system, easy to install, remotely managed with APP and SMS, with pre-set programs or completely customizable by the user."



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