Thanks to an innovative modular system designed specifically for Expo Milano 2015, the CAME Group opened the doors to more than 21 million visitors, helping to achieve the most important Italian Digital Smart City project.
On the occasion of the Universal Exposition, in fact, the Group developed a sophisticated integrated access control system for the management of automation devices for the vehicular and pedestrian entrances, using the latest-generation technological solutions.
A great project, undertaken by a single global partner, capable of ensuring efficiency and security at the most important world event in recent years.


The finest of CAME technology at Expo Milano 2015
21,000,000 VISITORS
PEAKS OF 250,000

In a technology partnership with Expo Milano 2015, CAME developed an innovative access control system that succeeded in managing the enormous pedestrian and vehicular flows through the parking areas and the exhibition halls themselves generated by the more than 21 million visitors to the international fair.

Expo Milano 2015 had been looking for a system that could reconcile the need for the high security that the event demanded with the need to maintain speed and fluidity in the management of  the entrance and exit of a huge crowd numbering 250,000 people a day. The system also had to be amenable to the centralized management and oversight of all operations across the more than 1.100.000 square meters of the exhibition site by the authorities in charge of security, which was done through an operations center.

CAME designed and developed an entire system that was custom built to satisfy all the demands of the client. It included features such as smart turnstiles to direct the flow of visitors and automatic barriers protecting the checkpoints for the control of vehicular traffic. The access control system comprised automated sliding gates, road barriers and bollards with removable covers to allow them to be customized to changing needs.

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The 10 perimeter access points to the exhibition site were controlled by 230 XVia turnstiles, able to read tickets in paper, QR Code, RFID or NFC format; 22 AXO and BK operators for swing and sliding gates; 23 GARD8 automatic road barriers; 40 G6 EVO bollards. The integrated access control system was also controlled remotely via 70 handheld devices.



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