The smart turnstiles by CAME were chosen by the Milan-based exhibition centre for controlling the flow of visitors at the Rho-Pero site. Our new access-control system made its debut at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, helping over 340 thousand visitors over just 6 days to enter and leave the venue.

At the heart of the technology platform created for Milan's exhibition centre is XVia, a tripod turnstile that features a smart reading head designed for the Milan Expo 2015, to handle the complex array of data and variables related to reading all of the different types of admission tickets, the high number of peripherals and the over 5 million people that attend the trade shows on offer in the rich programme of events here.

Successfully tried and tested at the Milan Expo 2015 – handling over 21 million visitors in just 6 months – the solution proposed by CAME is based on an innovative system that is able to interact with all of the most efficient control, security, surveillance and connectivity technologies on the market today. It is testimony to the company's role as a solution-provider, capable of managing complex systems.

The pedestrian access points to the centre are controlled by 65 automatic turnstiles, positioned on all 4 sides of the exhibition venue and in the 4 reception areas in the centre, which control access to some of the pavilions. The highly versatile nature of these turnstiles means that some of the units can, as required, be moved and installed where controlled entry is required in just 20 minutes, making the system the ideal solution for managing temporary events too.

Designed to be integrated into large-scale access-control projects, XVia by CAME combines technological innovation and meticulous attention to aesthetic detail. Its bespoke design, minimalist style and compact structure ensure the turnstiles blend seamlessly into the most varied of environments, and they can be personalised with the current event logo. A 24-7 Ethernet network connection provides real-time control on all of the system's functions.

The turnstile is also designed to communicate with visitors, using light and sound signals to make the access stage quicker – just 5 seconds – thus cutting back on queues and long waiting times. The lit-up direction indicators ensure a safe and easy passage when flows are at their highest, and the light signals make it simple to understand straight away when to pass through. Thanks to the XVia's standard motor-powered mechanism, the tripod pre-rotates when a ticket is validated, thus making it easier for people to pass through. For emergency situations, or when it is necessary to instantly free up the passage way, XVia is fitted with a drop-away arm function. Once normal operating conditions have been restored, the tripod arm can be reset automatically, including remotely.

This CAME access-control system joins the existing automation technology used for the gates, road barriers and bollards at the Rho-Pero area of the exhibition centre, which have already been controlling the peripheral access points and internal road access for several years.



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