Compatible Products

From operators to lighting, from video intercoms to heating control, all CAME devices are engineered to offer you the utmost comfort and security.

Digital Thermostats

CAME BPT Digital Thermostats bring you three-levels of temperature management plus remote controlled power-ons of the heating and cooling systems. Intelligence and flexibility for any type of system.

Smart Thermostats

The advanced technology of CAME BPT Smart Thermostats and the easy, WIFI installation represent the ideal solution for controlling the temperature in any room, quickly and without needing any masonry work done, even from a remote location and by using geopositioning functions to prevent any useless waste.

OUR RANGE OF Smart Thermostats

Thermo App

Remote management for energy saving

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable Thermostats provide customised programming - on three levels - of the temperature during the day. The display provides information on the programming, the operating status of the system, as well as the time and the temperature.

Multizone Thermostats

"In case of houses structured on several floors or large dimensions, it is often necessary to set the climate for each individual environment with different temperatures during the day, in order to ensure the right comfort and avoid unnecessary waste of energy."




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