CAME is going to install the parking-management system for the new Intermodal Hub at Triest Airport. Its inauguration is scheduled for 19 March. The new hub will enable coordination of passenger and cargo traffic within the same facility. Following the success and experience gained in the aviation industry, by delivering solutions for London's Gatwick and Barcelona's El Prat airports, and its capacity for managing complex projects while providing customized solutions, CAME has come up with a parking system for the first-ever multimodal transport platform in Italy, that is,Triest Airport's upcoming hub.

CAME has developed a solution that will enable Triest Airport to manage access to: seven parking areas - providing up to 2,500 parking places - four parking facilities providing about 1,000 parking places at the airport grounds - and, three new parking facilities for about 1,500 parking spaces at the intermodal hub. The parking rates will be diversified according to the types of users, the distance from the terminal and the parking time. Bollards protect the area adjacent to this air terminal, and interface with the access-control system, to further protect the area. CAME's solution for the Triest Airport centers on a cloud-technology based, off-street parking system, designed to manage, monitor and provide assistance to regular and reserved parking areas, from a remote location.

CAME's newly designed ticketing platform provides online sales of parking tickets while integrating and interfacing with existing train and air travel ticketing platforms. The system reads the travel dates on tickets and establishes parking times and even schedules quick stop overs in front of the air and rail terminals, long-term parking elsewhere at the facility, and can even call the police. So now users can swiftly access the parking area, holding their online-bought QR code tickets, pay for them by using their Telepass sensor, or Rfid-format subscriptions.

The Triest Airport will also provide variable rates, that is, different types of parking-permit subscriptions that warrant different levels of airport services, such as, VIP lounges and Fast Track frequent-flyer services. For commuter and resident permit-holders going to and fro, on inter-regional buses and trains, CAME has developed a QR code ticket-reading system which provides special parking rates. Also, customers of the intermodal hub's shops and restaurants may obtain special parking rates, thanks to CAME's technological platform that creates customized discount plans. The system reads Italian and international license plates, and logs images of all four sides of any vehicles entering the parking facility. The images can then be retrieved by searching for them using either the license plate or the ticket number. Even all buses parking at the intermodal hub's bus terminal are monitored by the license plate reader system. The project also required that CAME install video surveillance cameras to ensure greater security in all parking areas.

"We are proud to have developed this highly-customized parking facility, designed to optimize service and handle the different needs of customers and travelers at Triest Airport's air terminal and intermodal hub. - said Mr Paolo Menuzzo, President of CAME SpA - The airport in Triest is CAME's first, aviation project on Italian soil. It took all of our complex project-management know-how, as did the parking facilities at the London and Barcelona airports, and, all of our renown customer-oriented approach and cutting-edge Made-in-Italy technology. We are now ready to take on new challenges while continuing to design innovative, technological solutions to improve traffic flows and contribute to an ever more sustainable mobility that improves the quality of life in our cities".

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