• Full touch screen 7˝ display with Optical Bonding technology
  • Display brightness 800 Nits
  • 1.3 Mpx Camera
  • Tempered glass thickness 5 mm
  • IK08 shock protection rating
  • Water and dust protection IP55
  • Resistance to temperatures between -40°C and + 50°C
  • Aluminum profiles corrosion resistance with 20 micron deep anodizing
  • RTSP protocol to allow 24/7 video streaming
  • Different access management modes
  • Access control via RFID reader (also from third parties)
  • Access control via Bluetooth with smartphone app

XVP is the touch screen video door entry panel with 7" display, ideal for large prestigious contexts with IP360 systems.

Dimensions (DIN)
Dimensions (mm)
Internal dimensions (mm)
Built-in mounting dimensions (mm)
Wall mounting dimensions (mm)
Packaging dimensions (mm)
Power supply by BUS (V)
Absorption by BUS (mA)
Local power supply (V)
Local absorption (mA)
Separate X2 power supply
Power supply (V)
PoE power supply
Consumption in stand-by mode (mA)
Max. absorption (mA)
Absorption (mA)
Output voltage (V)
Output current (mA)
Max. output current (mA)
Max. power absorbed (VA)
Power (W)
Max. power (W)
Operating temperature (°C)
Protection rating (IP)
Protection rating (IK)
Video standard
Resolution (pixels)
TX power
Video input/output pass-through attenuation (dB)
Attenuation for each video output (dB)
Nominal power supply external units (V)
Current absorbed external units (mA)
Peak power supply external units (V)
Peak current absorbed by external units (A)
Distributors that can be connected to the main line
Switching capacity at 250 V (mA)
Switching capacity of the relays at 250 V (mA)
Intermittent output current with cycle (mA)
Upright power supply (V)
Power supply internal receivers via BUS (V)
Equipment that can be connected to each output
Active video output (mA)
Switching capacity at 250 V with inductive load (mA)
Switching capacity of the relays at 250 V (A)
Duration of the relay command (s)
Relative humidity
Switching capacity of the relays at 12 - 24 V (mA)
Frequency (MHz)
Wireless Standard
900 MHz GSM EGSM signal strength
1800 MHz GSM DCS signal strength
Maximum resistance of the call key - R on (Ω)
Voltage on the backlighting outputs (V)
Max. current on the backlighting outputs (mA)
RFID standard



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