AENA, the world’s largest airport manager, entrusted CAME Parkare with the technological renewal of Barcelona airport’s parking systems. As technology partner, the company has upgraded 53 entrances, 60 exits and 64 automatic ticket machines in the 8 parking areas distributed in the two terminals of the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona - El Prat airport, for a total of 17,000 parking spaces. The solution proposed by CAME Parkare is the top of the range PKE parking system based on a network of automatic devices that regulate access, check payments and record all activities inside the car park. The modernization work was completed two months ahead of schedule, minimizing inconvenience and improving the passenger experience.

The solutions developed by CAME Parkare greatly simplify parking management at the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona – El Prat airport, improving control, competitiveness and performance. In addition to the technological upgrading of the software (LINCE), the company also created completely new infrastructure in order to centralize car park management and take a step forward in terms of integration with the customer's information systems. Thanks to the updates made, the software developed by CAME Parkare integrates with all AENA and third-party equipment and services: alarms, databases, mobile payment infrastructure, car rental, etc. CAME Parkare also updated the PKE parking system and management software in the airports of Murcia and Menorca, both of which are managed by AENA.

The new system will also allow for the centralized management of car parks at all 25 Spanish AENA airports where the Parkare parking system is installed. End users will have many advantages: parking spaces closer to the terminal, express parking (15 minutes of free parking) to allow accompanying persons to greet or say goodbye to relatives and friends, discounts for travellers on the Barcelona-Madrid route through the reading of the special code shown on the boarding card, etc. The new features introduced by CAME Parkare also include direct payment at the exit, the use of ticketless systems and a line of automatic ticket machines specifically designed for differently-abled people.

Among the Spanish airports managed by AENA, Barcelona airport is second only to Madrid in terms of traffic volume and, with over 50 million passengers passing through in 2018, is the sixth largest European airport in terms of passenger volume. With this operation AENA has improved the management of its IT systems, becoming a global leader in terms of its infrastructure and ultra-modern smart integrated systems.



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