The Università Federale di Juiz de Fora do Brasil chose Came to supply security and access control systems for all vehicular access to the site.

The University’s administration wanted not just to ensure site security and manage vehicle access, it wished to have a reliable, high-performance, non-invasive solution that did not impinge upon the site’s architectural aspect.

The implemented solution involved the installation of 122 retractable bollards around the site perimeter to manage access control, along with fourteen high-security ONE50 ASTM-F2656-certified, DOS and PAS68-equivalent retractable bollards to manage entry points in a secure and automated manner. The retractable bollards regulate vehicle access by university staff, students and guests, and create an atmosphere of security, innovation and comfort.

OUR RANGE OF High Security Bollards

ONE50 Evo: Retractable

High-security retractable bollard.

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e bollard is managed by an access control system and is actuated down by the user clearing the way for access.

OUR RANGE OF Access Control Bollards


Fixed bollards are available as bollard to be embedded and or to be bolted.

OUR RANGE OF High Security Bollards

ONE30 Evo: Fixed

High-security fixed bollard.

OUR RANGE OF High Security Bollards

ONE40 Evo: Removable

High-security removable bollard.



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