Came has just completed a noteworthy domotic project, by upgrading four apartment compounds in Luxembourg's main cities, to the very latest Came Domotic 3.0 technology.

  • The first phase saw the fitting of the entire Les Étangs residential compound, over its 12,800 square meter facilities, in the high-end district of Mondorf-les-Bains, which holds 146 apartments grouped into five buildings, that sit surrounded by water-plant pools.
  • Then, Came completed projects Florea at Schifflange, a compound that features 686 apartments, 42 homes and 2,000 square meters of business facilities,
  • Mondriani at Kohlenberg, an apartment building made up of 16 luxury apartments.
  • The last project was Cloche d’Or, another 850-unit apartment compound amidst a park.

All this totals about 2,000 domotic apartments. Interestingly, the project is ongoing, as the number of new apartments fitted with Came Domotic 3.0 is set to grow.


  • about 150 Digitah entry panels;
  • about 2,000 Came Domotic 3.0 indoor derivatives;
  • about 2,000 Proxinet8 burglar alarm units.


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