CAME has expanded its range of connected solutions with the FTX, swing gate arm-motor. It is a system engineered to automate new and existing gates where the available space is limited, and, installing it is easy. It's designed to fit on small gate posts (starting from 15 cm) or doors that have distances of max. 25 cm between the gate hinge and the spot where the motor is installed.

Thanks to CAME Connect technology, that ensures connectivity to the CAME Cloud, users can now manage, from remote locations via tablets or smartphones, all of the devices installed in their respective homes. Even professional installers connected to the internet can geolocate systems, run quick, efficient diagnoses and change settings. This ensures better customer-service levels.

CAME especially designed the FTX to make it elegant so as to add value to any type of gate.The arm-driven structure blends in with the gate or door, while the motor easily fits against any post and provides a broad range of aesthetic and installation solutions. This charcoal gray operator is fitted with a painted aluminum base. It comes in two versions - with a special arm, depending on whether the distance between the post face to which the motor is installed and the gate hinge is at most between 15cm to 25cm. The new 24V motor operator is suitable for both intensive use in apartment buildings, and, for small residential settings. It is designed to move doors measuring up to 2 meters in length and 200kg in weight per gate leaf. Along with the master version, with its built-in electrical panel, the system also includes the slave version, which is equipped with an irreversible gear motor for automating the swing gate's second leaf.

At the top of the motor is the new generation ZL65 control board, protected by a cover and conveniently fitted to allow fast wiring and precise programming procedures. Besides the color-coded terminals that help speed up connections and run prompt diagnoses to check for any maintenance needs, this operator has plug-in connectors to fit various, optional control cards. Easy to install, thanks to the simplified connection via a single three-conductor cable, FTX features CAME EN Tested technology for easy system certification, in compliance with European Standards.The mechanics, terminal blocks and total connectivity make it practical and versatile and it simplifies the work of professionals while reducing installation time. The motion control encoder provides complete safety and operational reliability and detects any obstructions in the path of the gate leaves. The new FTX range, is very silent and generates smooth movement, in compliance with current European standards. Its convenient integrated release-lever is protected by a key, for manual openings, in the event of a power failure.

The multifunctional display allows quick programming and easy installation setups. It can manage up to 250 users with its Rolling Code and 'Twin' Key Code technologies. These provide greater security, and make it ideal for apartment buildings. You can also save settings in the memory roll on-board the control board. The motor's internal structure, in the master version, is designed to fit, besides the control board, a wide range of CAME accessories - that expand the system's features - into designated spaces: that means you can add emergency batteries to operate in case of power failures, and, CAME gateways for connecting to the network and managing your gate with an app over the internet. To ensure safety standards are met, the system is designed to connect with Rio System wireless devices.

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The ideal solution when applying to small-to-medium gate posts in private homes and apartment buildings.



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