Our most advanced gate motor yet now available to installers throughout the UK.

The brand new Digitally Controlled Brushless Underground Operator is now fully available. Following a program of real-world installer testing and installation, to ensure seamless integration into future automation projects for all, CAME are now proud to present their brand new brushless 24V gate motor.

Designed to provide unmatched reliability, efficiency, and control, FROG-X combines advanced technology with sleek aesthetics to deliver a gate operator that surpasses all expectations. 

There are so many improvements that are set to revolutionise installations across the UK:

Fast and silent – refined opening for prestige entranceways
Improved stress resistance – hardened and tempered steel gearing for increased stability
Advanced electronics – for precise control and guided configuration
Adaptive speed and torque – assuring better reliability and safety in case of obstacles
Easier wiring, with no additional encoder – saving you time
IP67 protection - for incredible weather proofing
Fully retro fit compatibility – for easy install in every scenario
No nonsense connectivity with your smartphone – intuitive and time saving


But don’t just take CAME’s word for it. Here’s what their testers said:

“A pleasure to install” 
CAME Gate Installer in Northeast Lincolnshire

“Smooth as silk and a breeze to install” 
CAME Gate Installer in Middlesborough.

“It`s a game changer.”
CAME Gate Installer in Cambridgeshire

“The installation is quicker and easier due to simplified wiring. A much smoother and silent underground motor” 
CAME Gate Installer in Herefordshire


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