Safe and compliant systems

CAME considers the safety of its products to be of primary importance. In response to the latest European standards concerning impact forces CAME have developed a series of products and accessories that comply with the latest European laws and machinery directives.

The European Union has finally passed a series of laws which clearly regulate the automation industry. Any new or existing installation requires a declaration of conformity. CAME has for some time now made available a complete range of automated operators that are EN Tested – and ready to be certified on site by the installers. The EN Tested principle is based on new electronics, new motors, new protection systems, new mechanics, new patents and devices for achieving total safety even when installing in a variety of contexts. Thanks to these standards many businesses in the UK automation industry choose CAME technology to ensure their installations meet the standards of safety their customers demand.

Monitoring each phase of production

For over 30 years CAME has been fully committed to manufacturing safe and reliable products. But passion in not enough. That is why we demand rigorous product testing, careful process controls and constant monitoring of every phase of our work. Each phase of the product, from design to assembly, is closely monitored by a highly specialised team and state-of-the art equipment. The entire production process is carried out in our factories in Treviso, Italy, which enables the internal controllers to reliably check on the whole process.

Maintaining safety standards

CAME offers a full range of electromechanical gate automation kits. To help our installers comply with the latest European standards, we supply a free user manual and service book with every kit. This book should be kept with your installation and passed to new owners if you ever sell your property. Inside it you will find all the information you need to keep your gates well maintained and in safe working order for many years to come. It also contains the CE Declaration of Conformity which should be filled in by your installer.

Dangerous situations

When automation is installed on any door, gate, window or any other opening, it becomes classified as a machine. Listed below are some of the possible hazards associated with using such machines:

  • Crushing during closing hazards
  • Shearing hazard
  • Conveying hazards
  • Impact hazards
  • Person lifting hazard, in the event of vertical closings
  • Operator connected, electrical hazards
  • Safety device breakdown provoked hazards
  • Hazards which appear during manual moving of the closure, for example, when gate unexpectedly sets in motion again
  • Entrapment hazards
  • Exceeding of gate-leaf limit, causing possible falling of gate-leaf hazards

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