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This web portal is exclusively owned by Came S.p.A., the registered offices of which are located at Via Martiri della Libertà 15, 31030 Dosson di Casier (TV), share capital 1,610,000.00 Euro. The company's Treviso Register of Businesses number is TV03481280265; its Vat Code and Tax Code is 03481280265. Hereinafter the company will be called "CAME".
CAME's Chief Executive Officer is liable for the publication and may be contacted via the following email address The portal is hosted at the head offices of CAME, at the above mentioned address.

1. General conditions of use

1.1 These general conditions of use (hereinafter "General Conditions" shall regulate the use of the web portal which can accessed at the following URL (hereinafter "Portal") by any natural person or legal entity around the world (hereinafter "USERS" seeking general information about CAME.

1.2 USERS of the Portal agree to respect the Italian law safeguarding intellectual and industrial property, pursuant to D. Lgs. n. 30/2005.

1.3 By using the Portal you agree to these General Conditions.

1.4 CAME reserves the right to modify, suspend, remove or disable the Portal or its contents, without notice.

1.5 CAME does not guarantee immediate updating of any information in the Portal.

1.6 Users undertake to use the Portal and any other data and/or information available on the Portal exclusively for lawful purposes and in conformity with the General Conditions. Each copy of any information sourced from the Portal shall bear CAME's ownership and intellectual rights.

1.7 Users are solely liable for using the Portal. Users shall pay any damages and indemnify Came, and any of its subsidiaries or branches, its representatives, employees, collaborators, partners and consortees, from any loss, damage, liability, court and legal expenses (including any fees) or any third-party claims, deriving from any violation of these General Condition and/or use of this Portal and/or from the violation of any applicable laws and/or from any third-party rights.

1.8 CAME declines any liability for:
a) any IT virus and/or any other element that may destroy and/or damage the Users' PCs and/or any data therein;
b) any impedence, of any kind and reason, to the Users' access to the Portal;
c) any damage, claims and/or losses, wether direct or indirect, deriving from Users' faulty or malfunctioning electronic equipment, including Internet Service Providers, telephone and/or telematic connections which are not directly managed by CAME, as well as any actions by third parties accessing the web.

2. Use of the Portal's information and content

2.1 The information on the Portal is free to use. It is purely informative in nature and, unless otherwise specified, it is not contractual, nor is it a public offering of the products appearing in the Portal, and said information is not binding in any business dealings and/or relationships.

2.2 Users may not in any way reproduce, modify, duplicate, copy, distribute, sell or use the Portal or use the Portal illegitimately in any way shape or form.

2.3 Users agree to not use the Portal for:
a. defamatory or obscene purposes and in violation of third-party rights, to commit or try to commit a  
    crime, that is, any illegal and/or damaging action for Came and/or any third-parties;
b. counterfeit the origin of the Portal and/or any other type of functionality available on the Portal;
c. revise, alter, modify, adapt, create derivative works, translate, detract,
    disassemble or reverse-engineer the Portal;
d. destroy and/or limit the operation of the Portal, its software, hardware and/or other telecommunication
    systems belonging to CAME and/or third parties;
e. collect and/or store personal data of other Users.

2.4 For any violation of the above paragraph and/or of any legal requirements and/or of these General Conditions, CAME reserves the right, on its own accord or upon request of competent authorities, to, di:

  • remove from the Portal, in the shortest possible technical time, all of the contents which, either directly or indirectly violate the previous paragraph and/or any legal requirements and/or these General Conditions;
  • block and/or cancel access to the Portal to any Users that have violated what is stated above.

2.5 In any case CAME reserves the right to be compensated for any damage deriving from such violations.

3. Links to/or from other internet resources

3.1 CAME is absolutely not liable for any hypertext links to other websites, or to other internet resources, found on the Portal.

3.2 CAME is not liable for the content of such links and/or for any materials, including any advertising, which is divulged and/or for any products and/or services offered on websites accessed through said links. Such materials, products and/or services shall not in any way be considered as being sponsored, shared and/or supported by CAME. Using such materials and/or buying said products and/or services is exclusively the Users' liability.

3.3 Users agree to not create any links from other websites to the Portal, without first obtaining written permission from CAME. In any case, creating any such links to the Portal, even when authorised, shall in no way make liable Came, that reserves the right to request that they be removed at any time. Links to the Portal must connect Users to the Portal's home page.

4. Trademark

4.1 Users agree that CAME has exclusive rights on any images, distinctive signs, logos and other intangible goods that appear in the Portal.

4.2 As concerns Users, Came grants them no rights, entitlements, interests or options regarding any intellectual property, or any other rights, including patents, drawings, trademarks, royalties, database rights, rights to confidential information or to industrial secrets, the ownership or entitlement belongs to Came and/or other affiliate or subsidiary companies.

4.3 For any issue that is not expressly governed by these General Conditions, refer to the document called  “Using images, distinctive signs, logos and other intangible goods - Non registered Users”.

4.4  Registered Users will find, in the Portal's reserved area, specific and different conditions of use regarding images, distinctive signs, logos and other intangible goods appearing in the Portal's Reserved Area, which Users shall have to comply with.

5. Governing law and jurisdiction

5.1 These General Conditions and the relationship between Users and CAME are governed by Italian laws.

5.2 Whatsoever issues should arise as concerns these General Conditions, shall be governed by the laws of the state of Italy. All disputes shall be subjected to Italian jurisdiction and tried by the exclusive competence of the Court of Treviso (Italy). In any case Came reserves the right to convene Users before the Courts of the countries in which said Users have their registered offices.

5.3 If CAME does not exercise its rights and the provisions of these General Conditions, this does not mean that Came waives said rights and provisions, unless otherwise established in writing by Came.

6. Safeguarding personal information on the website

CAME S.p.A. declares that Users' personal information processed while browsing the Portal, shall be treated in full compliance with the privacy policy posted on the Portal.

7. Sundries

7.1 Any less than prompt actions or measures by CAME shall not construe a waiving of its own rights.

7.2 CAME shall gladly accept any information and/suggestions from Users about the Portal.

7.3 Users may contact the Portal's administrator at the following email address: or write to CAME's above-mentioned registered office address. Any suggestion and/information provided in this way by Users to Came shall be treated as non-confidential and may be used without limitations. Users are liable whenever the information provided to CAME violate any third-party rights.



1.1 Accessing the Portal's reserved area (hereinafter “Reserved Area”) is only allowed to professional Users who perform sales, installations, assistance and/or consulting services of and for CAME products, and for whom CAME has accepted registration in the Portal's Reserved Area (hereinafter “Registered Users”) . Acceptance of said request to register is subject  to acceptance, by professional Users, of the following documents:
a) these General Conditions of the Portal;
b)  the terms established in “Use of images, distinctive signs, logos and other intangible goods by Registered Users” (Terms of use);
c) The Privacy Policy statement on processing personal information.

Pursuant to and by effect of art. 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, I also declare to hereby expressly and unconditionally accept what is provided in paragraphs 1.5, 1.8 and 3 (CAME limited liability); 5.2 (exclusive jurisdiction) of the General Conditions.

1.2 Acceptance of the request to register is also subject to the truthfulness and validity of the date provided to CAME by professional Users when registering.

1.3 Registered Users may use services which are specifically designated by CAME to support business activities (hereinafter “Services”).

1.4 Conserving the registration in the Portal's Reserved Area is an essential and indispensable condition for using the Services. Suspension and/or cancellation, for any reason, of the registration from the Portal's Reserved Area automatically excluded further use of the Services.

1.5 Registered Users agree to keep secret their password to their accounts Reserved Area and further agree to enforce these terms of use of the Reserved Area to their employees and/or staff. It is also understood that Registered Users are liable to CAME for any violation of these terms of use even by said employees and/or staff.

1.6 The Services may be used exclusively by Registered Users, who may not disclose or diffuse its contents nor any other confidential information of CAME to any third parties (such as any technical data on CAME products, discount and pricing policies, and the such) that they have learned about while accessing the Reserved Area.

1.7 Any issue that is not expressly provided for in these terms of use shall retain full efficacy under the General Conditions for using CAME's Portal.

Pursuant to and by effect of art. 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, I also declare to expressly and unconditionally accept the provisions of paragraph 1.6 of these terms of use of the Reserved Area.



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