CAME launches the new GARD GT automatic barriers range, presenting the GT4 and GT8 models to the market. Suitable for use in medium to large entrances in residential, industrial and urban settings, the new barriers raise the performance level and improve vehicle access control solutions. Both barrier models have undergone extreme testing, resulting in an impressive 3 million cycle (MCBF) and in the GT4 model can provide intensive use up to 300 cycles per hour to ensure service efficiency in high traffic environments.

The new GARD GT4 and GT8 models, made in Italy, are designed with functionality, elegance and versatility, with a resistant structure thanks to the galvanized and painted steel or stainless steel cabinet (particularly suitable for environments with corrosive atmospheric agents, e.g. saltiness and smog). The 24V motor with encoder and new electronics provide linear and constant movement over time, improved precision in slow down and accurate obstacle detection. In addition, the innovative Advanced Speed Control function continuously analyses the forces acting on the boom and adjusts the speed according to the parameters detected - even if they differ from those set during installation - ensuring durability and reliability in all circumstances.

GARD GT4’s opening and closing speed (for fast passages up to 4 meters) is adjustable from 2 to 4 seconds depending on the length of the boom and the associated equipment. For openings up to 7.8 m net passage width the GARD GT8 is adjustable from 4 to 8 seconds. In particular, for the GT8 model CAME has designed an innovative telescopic boom divided into two sections of different diameters, which are inserted one inside the other, without the need for external joints or additional reinforcing components. Apart from facilitating transport and simplifying installation for the installer, this new system provides better resistance to stress and, during operation, its reduced weight ensures less strain and preserves the motor's operation over time.

For improved entrance selection, both models can be equipped not only with a bottom rack, but also with a special solution up to 130 cm high.

CAME has also renewed the light signaling system for both GARD GT models, replacing the classic flasher with an RG LED lighting for greater safety. The lights, which regulate access by lighting up in red, flashing red or green, are integrated on both the head of the cabinet and on the boom, on both sides, to be visible in all conditions, even in foggy weather.

The new-generation control electronics of the GARD GT barriers are designed to integrate BUS accessories (such as photocells, flashing lights, command selectors, etc.) It is positioned directly under the cover of the cabinet and is prepared to communicate with MODBUS protocol (for the management of parking facilities and building automation systems). Furthermore, CAME's CONNECT technology not only allows the installer to manage their systems remotely via PC or smartphone, thus providing customers with a complete 24-hour service, but also offers the ultimate end-user experience, with intelligent opening and closing functions via App, as well as compatibility with Alexa voice control systems.

The technological innovations of the GARD GT series are completed by:

  • the new spring-loaded variable balancing system allows for precise and reliable calibration;
  • a new boom release safety device which absorbs the impact in the event of collision with a vehicle, with consequent breaking, reducing the time required for recovery;
  • a new articulated boom, an ideal solution for installations where there are height restrictions, such as canopies or underground car parks.

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Heavy duty barrier with clearance width up to 4m

OUR RANGE OF Road Barriers


Clearance width up to 7.8m



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