New or existing, custom-made or restored - whatever the characteristics of your slide gate, CAME has a perfectly calibrated answer for your needs. Our solutions perform reliably over time.


Product can be remotely managed through CAME CONNECT Cloud technology

EN TESTED Automation tested in compliance with EUROPEAN STANDARDS regarding impact forces

Geared motor for automation with ENCODER

24 or 36 V DC gearmotors are designed for INTENSIVE DUTY and guaranteed to work even during power outages. Powered by low voltage.

Product designed for housing the 806SS-0040 plug-in board of the RIO System 2.0 series

Recommended for INDUSTRIAL USE because they guarantee greater gearmotor starting points in the starting phases

Control board compatible with CAME KEY item 806SA-0110

This WIRELESS product is battery powered and operates with radio technology

CORDLESS battery powered product with wireless connection

This product features BRUSHLESS technology



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