CAME took part in the construction of the new eight-story parking facility - seven of which are underground - in the historic center of Cortina d'Ampezzo, a mountain tourist destination par excellence, and supplied an integrated access control system complete with automatic barriers, entrance doors to both the car park and the garages, and automatic systems for reserving parking spaces.

The parking facility, which is the result of the entrepreneurial vision of the F.A.I.T. company, was designed by Architetti Bernardi of Cortina d'Ampezzo and built by Fontana of Belluno. It is part of a larger architectural and urban redevelopment project that also includes some spaces used as technical rooms for the municipality and the installation of a public lift leading to a panoramic terrace. Here, a modern glass construction - from which it is possible to enjoy the enchanting view of the Dolomites - houses an art gallery. The panoramic lift is also used by citizens and tourists to reach the center of Cortina quickly and easily, avoiding traffic problems for all visitors coming from Lungo Boite.

The parking facility accommodates a total of 125 parking spaces, including garages and parking savers, distributed over 7 underground levels, accessed by two ramps and an internal lift. For the most exclusive parking spaces, CAME installed 65 sectional garage doors equipped with an automation kit, an aerated section and a release system for manual opening in the event of an emergency. CAME has also supplied automatic parking guards for 62 free parking spaces.

Moreover, for users' convenience and ease of use, CAME has arranged for the use of a single device, either a radio control or an entry card, for opening the parking entrance barriers, garage doors, stalls automatic parking guards and for using the internal lift. Finally, the integrated CAME system guarantees the future possibility to set up CONNECT technology, allowing the system to be managed remotely, in a smart way, ensuring security and operation 24 hours a day.

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