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CAME Connect is a powerful cloud-based management tool that allows you to remotely control your automation systems at the touch of a button via your smart phone using CAME's automation app or through a dedicated web page. Whether you are a user, owner or installer you have the ability to interface with your home automation products, with various access levels based on your credentials. Products that can be managed by the system include electric gates, door entry systems, CCTV and lighting, as well as many other products using the dedicated hardware.

CAME Connect gives you the ability to manage anything from your daily automation schedule at home, to controlling high security access points in large public areas, remotely by linking to a central server from any internet connected device.

Discover our connected systems

CAME Automation App

Everything remotely.

AutomationBT App

Open automation from your smartphone, using the Bluetooth connection and geolocation.

THermo App

A brand-new user experience.

VideoEntry App

Answering the video door phone and opening it to the postman even when you are away from home is possible. Communicating has never been so simple.

CAME Domotic 3.0

Check the status of all environments, activate scenarios and interact with your home remotely, simply with an app.


In this section you can find all the documentation and software to make the best use of all the services made available by CAME Connect.

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Technology to control automated operators from any remote location

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Ideal for fitting onto sliding gates.

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Remote Control

Today, home-automation systems go beyond the four walls. The home needs protection at all times, even when you are away. the remote control lets you have full control of all the available functions.

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A modernly designed barrier, with perfectly blended aesthetics and perfection for any application.

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Ideal solution for application on industrial gates.

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Choosing MTM means choosing a product made specifically for you and your needs. We've worked hard to make it simple, yet versatile and suitable to all, from small residential systems to large urban compounds.

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Ideal solution for connected single-home and apartment-block gates

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A barrier with a liner design, ideal for blending into any setting, and made of sturdy plate steel.

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Ideal solution for residential settings.

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Thangram is CAME Bpt's line of modular entry panels: it is the first designed for use with the new IP digital technology system, and the only model that offers such superlative-quality colour video.

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The ideal solution when applying to small-to-medium gate posts in private homes and apartment buildings.

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Ideal for applying in private homes and apartment buildings, on small-to-medium gate posts.

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Ideal for fitting onto large gate posts in single homes and apartment blocks.

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Below-ground solution suitable for fitting to gates in single homes and apartment buildings.

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The invisible solution for swing-gate operators.

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Ver Plus

Ideal solution for sectional and overhead doors in single homes.

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Ideal solution for gates in single homes or apartment blocks.

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Gard 4

Ideal for heavily trafficked entry and exit points.

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The Thangram range is completed by Digitha, a stainless steel entry panel that is particularly sturdy and highly functional. Digitha offers unparalleled performance and ultra-compact design.

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The TH/550 WIFI lets your program the temperature of each day of the week. For each hour you can select on of the three temperature levels that you have preset according to your needs. The graph appearing on the screen lets you control the daily program.



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