From fixed code solutions for easy configuration with existing radio systems to the maximum security of rolling code versions for professional configuration.

CAME presents its new TOP radio remote controls for controlling all operators, from residential to public environments.

The TOP controls are available in five different versions, all with an ergonomic and compact style: the simple black colour makes them discreet, but coloured details (blue, green, black, orange) lend them an extra touch of style.  The new transmitters can manage up to four operators with a simple click. With just one TOP, for example, you can control a gate, garage door, pedestrian gate and garden lights, all at the same time.

The “fixed code” technology on some of the new models allow simple and fast duplication of information from the old CAME transmitters to the new TOP transmitters, ensuring easy integration with existing automation systems. The TOP controls themselves can be duplicated on other radio controls in the same line or on the new TTS, CAME’s advanced design radio control, for an even higher level of security. 

The special versions with 100% secure “rolling code” technology counteract signal duplication and prevent cloning. They are ideal for professional management in apartments or communal areas, where there is a need to manage several input devices in a controlled manner. Through the CAME SetUp app or directly from the automation control panel, only the apartment administrator or an authorised installer can access the system and enable new users or disable existing transmitters. 

TOP is available as either a single-frequency or dual-frequency transmitter. The latter transmitters are automatically set to a specific frequency (868 MHz), but if for any reason, such as interference, this is not available, it is possible to switch to the second frequency (432 MHz) at any time. In addition, when it is necessary to control automation systems with two different frequencies, TOP Sport allows both to be easily set in the same radio control.

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