CAME presents ZLX24, the control board capable of managing the entire range of 24V swing gate motors, featuring the most advanced electronic functions that allow installers to work smartly and efficiently.

ZLX24 control boards are equipped with Connect technology: through the use of the dedicated CAME KEY slot or CAME gateway. Now, it is possible to enable a series of additional functions that allow the installer to manage the automation remotely, via PC or smartphone. Installers can provide remote assistance and maintenance support to customers all over the country. In addition, the integrated Connect technology ensures better user experience with intelligent opening and closing functions via an app or Alexa voice controls.

The new-generation of control boards are also capable of constantly analysing the forces acting on the automated device thanks to adaptive speed and torque control. This feature allows the ZLX24 to adjust the motor speed and torque according to the operating parameters in any environmental condition, optimising system efficiency and reliability over time. 

If the new ZLX24 boards are installed on existing systems and with motors not equipped with ENCODER, CAME has included a new "virtual encoder" function that ensures safe performance and precise detection of obstacles in all operating sequences, whether opening or closing. The electronics are therefore able to manage the same parameters that are usually available on motors equipped with standard encoders, such as motor torque and operation speed. Another innovative feature of ZLX24 is the intelligent motion control, which, with its fully automatic procedure, means that the gate leaves deceleration during opening and closing is no longer set manually.

The new control boards can also be integrated with traditional control and safety accessories as well as with CXN BUS technology, which allows feedback from each accessory by means of the self-configuration function. Finally, as for all CAME devices, the system is compatible with the wireless accessories of the RIO solution.

Due to the improved and simplified fixings, such as the DIN bar hooking system and tilting and removable board support, the new ZLX24 design improves flexibility and convenience. The box layout is intended to hold various accessories such as emergency batteries and recharge modules, magnetic detection sensors, or RGSM modules, eliminating the need for additional external units.

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Control board that manages all the range of 24 V motors for swing gates

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