Universal Exposition, or simply Expo. A name that recalls a recent event that took place in Milan in 2015, where 145 countries gathered together, shared their history and traditions and presented their own advanced technological solutions for the food industry, following the “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” slogan. However, Expo 2015 means something bigger. It has been one of the many great expositions taking place since 1851, when the first Great Exhibition took place in London. Since then, the name has been used to indicate all international events organised to promote networking and the exchange of ideas among individuals, companies and organisations, in a common space designed to facilitate dialogue.

The creation of such spaces requires a wise planning and management: that’s where CAME came into play, from being a technological partner at EXPO Milano 2015 to landing in Astana, Kazakhstan, where we designed the pedestrian access points and parking systems for the latest universal exposition.

The event, titled “Future of Energy”, started on 10th July and closed its doors on 10th September after welcoming almost 5 million visitors. After the experience in Milan (where more than 21 million visitors visited the Expo over six months), CAME was able to suggest and put in place an efficient solution also in Astana: an innovative system featuring the most advanced technology in terms of control, security, surveillance and connectivity.

At the core of the technological platform developed by CAME is the tripod turnstile XVia, equipped with a smart reading head and created to manage the complex data and variables related to reading many different types of ticket and the high number of visitors accessing the venue at the same time. To complete the installation, there were also parking systems to manage pass holders, visitors, staff and VIPs, an efficient solution for a complex event like the Astana Exhibition.

Moreover, using CAME Connect technology, all automations of the Astana Expo 2017 platform could be easily managed and monitored remotely.

Universal Expositions are relevant on a global scale as they involve different contexts, individuals, companies and organisations that interact for a common goal and thereby ensure the success of the event itself. CAME was one of the key players of this Expo. We work hard to offer cutting edge solutions and strive to make the world smarter for the well-being of the people who live in it.



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