The future is closer than it seems, and we realise that every day by looking at our routine. As a matter of fact, technology anticipates all of our needs and is more and more present in our lives. The quality of our life depends on several elements, including not only the environment we live in and how much we respect it, but also on our choice to live in a comfortable house and in a safe city. Today, technology plays a fundamental role in all of these situations.

Make your home smarter

Technology is our ally, and it can be of great help within our living environment. With the new Came Domotic 3.0 home automation system, safety and well-being always come first, as an essential requirement for your family. It is the right solution to make your home smarter and it is also extremely useful for the elderly, as it helps them keep control over their homes.

Increase your savings with the energy control system

You can easily make the first step towards saving energy. Thanks to the energy control system you can monitor consumption, learn which appliances use more energy and then set them depending on your life habits. Managing energy usage rates is a wise choice to keep your cost of life under control while protecting and preserving the planet.

Set the temperature remotely

We can highly improve our well-being just by optimising the temperature in our living environments. To do so, choose a temperature control system: it allows you to separate the different areas of your home and select which rooms you’d like to heat or cool - depending on seasons and needs. Today, you can also manage your chronothermostat remotely and directly from your smartphone by using devices like APP THermo.

Plan your holidays with no stress

Summer has finally come and it’s time to book your holidays. As a consequence, you’ll have to leave your home for a while. How do you keep an eye on your home while you’re away? Luckily, CAME Connect allows you to manage everything remotely. You can monitor every room and manage the alarm via smartphone, PC or tablet, just by downloading the app. Safety is at your fingertips.

Feel safe in your city

Safety matters everywhere, from your home to public spaces. To live in a city means to share social places and it is important to feel safe and secure when doing so.Advanced technology allows a constant and non-invasive monitoring of huge crowds. This system became an essential requirement during the last decade, when working for the implementation of great events like EXPO 2015, or when building infrastructures like the Miraflores Lock, at the Panama Canal. Moreover, it helped ensuring safety at popular tourist sites like the Tour Eiffel in Paris. Such solutions need a specific study and bespoke planning. The CAME Project Department works on these and many other projects daily. Nowadays, technological progress is unstoppable and constantly opens up new possible scenarios. We always look at the future with great confidence, do you?



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