Tough on the outside, smart on the inside

Our CAME BPT GSM intercom is tested to meet the IK impact rating standards, meaning choosing a CAME BPT GSM intercom system provides complete peace of mind. Even our standard panel is IK07 impact rated and water resistant to IP54.

For harsher environments, or simply where an understated black finish will compliment your installation, the vandal resistant version provides the perfect solution, with our highest ever IK rating (IK09). Its profile and front-pieces are made entirely of an extremely durable composite called Zamak, with added features such as crushproof buttons and bespoke security screws.

Change a keypad code using only your mobile, from anywhere in the world

CAME BPT GSM Keypad kits come complete with the ability to change the keypad code remotely, by simply sending a text to the entry panel, from wherever you are in the world.

Next time you need a door entry system, why not fit a CAME BPT GSM kit? It’ll enable you to change the keypad code from the comfort of your office with a cuppa, or alternatively you can send a text message to the panel whilst you carry on with your next installation.

Having a party? Hold the gate open...

Need to hold your gate or door open? Now you can with our CAME BPT GSM Keypad kits. Using only your mobile phone, our new Latching Relay feature means you can leave your gate open for as long as you need... so that everybody can enjoy the party!

When the user presses ‘5’ on their phone keypad during a call the entrance gate will open, and stay open, as long the user requires. The user can then press ‘8’ on the phone keypad to close the gate.

Get SMS alerts from your MTM GSM Panel

The system can now be set up by text, to forward an SMS message to any mobile phone number when an event is triggered. For example, if there is a tamper switch on the control box, the MTM panel can text the owner or a security company to say someone is trying to open the box. If an additional relay is used, the system could also be set to alert the owner that the gate has not shut properly and is still open.

Program your MTM GSM Panels with our PCS/XIP Software

Our MTM GSM panels are easy to program using only simple SMS text messaging, however, if your customer requires a more complex solution with the ability to call multiple users, it is now possible to program any of our MTM GSM Kits via PCS/XIP software. All you need to do is download the latest version of the PCS/XIP programming software, which we will provide, and your GSM panel is ready to go!

Do CAME BPT offer a Digital GSM?
The answer is yes!

For larger projects, with up to 1,000 users, you can create a Digital GSM panel with a digital keypad and display. Software programming gives you the ability to pre-program the system using a PC or laptop prior to installation, streamlining your process and reducing time on site.

Voicemail Avoidance

When the call button is pressed on the GSM intercom it will dial the users phone. On a standard GSM system set up, if there is voicemail or an answer machine set up, the entry panel will think the call is answered and never follow on to the next number.

With our MTM GSM system, the voicemail avoidance feature can be activated, so that when the GSM entry panel dials the user, they must answer the call and then open the gate by pressing the ‘2’ on their phone keypad. If the user does not press ‘2’, the MTM GSM entry panel will abort the call and divert to the next phone number on the list, after a specified amount of time. That way, even if voicemail is turned on, the call will always connect.



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