Delicate flowers such as pansies and violets will embellish the Via Roma roundabout in Treviso, framing the scenic Sfera by Toni Benetton with "green" beauty. CAME has adopted this “eminent” piece of urban greenery as part of an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Treviso and headed by the Department of Environmental Policy. The multinational company has joined the "Adotta il verde cittadino” (Adopt a green area) project as a responsible and sustainable choice, in line with a long and solid tradition of commitment to creating intelligent spaces in cities for the well-being of people. The company is therefore starting 2022 by opening the year dedicated to the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of its foundation with a green spirit.

“We joined the Municipality's project with enthusiasm and conviction - says Paolo Menuzzo, Founder of CAME - because it seemed the best way to start the celebrations for the first half-century of our company's life. Our history has always been characterised by a marked care for the territory in which we are rooted and from which we draw the lifeblood for a balanced and constant growth. This elegant touch of green” he continues, “also seems to us to be a dutiful tribute to the city of Treviso, with the hope of a return to normal social relations in the urban context, after the difficult period of pandemic that we are still going through”.

Adopting the "roundabout" will mean that CAME will be responsible for its redevelopment and maintenance over a three-year period, according to a project to be carried out by the company Arboreus based in Udine.  

"The project - concludes Menuzzo - is a perfect expression of CAME's desire and ability to contribute to cutting-edge projects that guarantee the safety of urban spaces and the well-being and peace of mind of those who live in them. Our target is in fact to ensure more usable living contexts thanks to intelligent and personalised technological solutions, capable of improving the quality of life; as in Montecarlo where CAME has made safe the iconic Place Du Casino or in Cannes where the company's project has promoted pedestrianisation and guaranteed control of the road system between the "Golden Square" and the Boccacabana coastline."

The new commitment undertaken by CAME is also consistent with the Group's DNA, which is based on the continuous updating of sustainability objectives, adoption of new technologies and new materials to increase the efficiency of work processes in all sectors, implementation of good management practices for energy resources, recovery of materials and monitoring of the effects of interaction between processes and the surrounding environment. Thanks to all this, CAME has drastically reduced the environmental impact caused by its industrial activities.



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