In order to meet the needs of the most prestigious buildings in the world's metropolises such as large apartment blocks, multiple residential settings and office buildings, CAME introduces XVP, the new IP360 video-intercom door entry panel that combines cutting-edge technology with the characteristic exclusive Italian design.

XVP is the first high-end door entry panel with a completely tempered glass surface to be introduced to the market. It is equipped with a 7'' touch screen display and optical bonding technology that ensures light reflections are redcued, fogging is eliminated and and has greater strength, sensitivity and resistance to extreme temperatures. Precise components ensure that XVP can be installed in environments with extreme temperatures changes, ranging from -40° to +50° Celsius. Its elegant and refined design hides a reliable soul, guaranteed by an IK08 impact resistance and an IP55 liquids and dust penetration certification. IP technology also allows the system to be accessed and managed remotely, for 24-hour control in total safety.

The interface is extremely customisable in order to meet all specific requirements, a very useful feature for both private residential properties and office spaces. It is possible to customize the home page and screen saver to preserve energy and use images, logos and welcome messages or any other information (timetables, emergency information, directions). A circular light consisting of 30 LEDs positioned around the camera - high-definition with a resolution of 1.3 MP - clearly illuminates the person or object at night or in poor visibility conditions (such as fog) and also acts as a courtesy light when the panel is on standby. The proximity sensor detects the presence within one meter and immediately activates the XVP menu. The camera has a wide field of view that captures people and objects outside the normal range, identifying even children and disabled guests. Operating as a video surveillance device, it is also possible to view images in H24 multimedia streaming, 7 days a week, with functionality to record via CCTV systems or other third-party management software.

The new XVP audio-visual system has been developed with particular attention to users with sight or hearing disabilities. Integrated speech synthesis scans essential information and is available in 12 languages, the pictograms shown on the display are universally recognizable and the integrated magnetic induction system transmits the sound so that it can be understood by hearing aid users. Calls to the receivers can be managed through the classic contact list or through customizable options: for more complex and large buildings, it is possible to display them in groups (subdivision of a list of extensions according to floors or other specific features) or in blocks with call code (representation of a virtual keyboard where an alphanumeric code can be entered), while for smaller buildings, there is a virtual buttons option that allows you to emulate a push-button panel with physical call buttons. The possibility of inserting an interactive map with routing to the selected apartment and the concierge function that allows the visitor to communicate with the porter complete the customization, providing real time support.

XVP has on board access control functionality, with the panel equipped to house and RFID for both proprietary and third part radio frequency ID cards for simple integration with access control systems. Furthermore, CAME's "AutomationBT" app uses Bluetooth communication to allow visitors to access without the need to use a RFID card, transponders or access codes. Users won’t even need to remove their smartphone from their pocket with this smart, touchless technology.



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