CAME launches the new TTS transmitter which guarantees complete security, user-friendliness, compatibility with other CAME radio controls and quality thanks to materials and production that are 100% Made in Italy.

The new TTS remotes feature "rolling code" technology that prevents signal duplication and cloning, guaranteeing greater security. The dynamic codes generated by the radio control are determined by an algorithm that generates a unique code each time. The new CAME control devices are available in single frequency 433.92 MHz, or dual frequency 433.92 MHz - 868.35 MHz. The dual frequency model allows simultaneous transmission on two channels using a single code, preventing the risk of external interference. The same high security standards are also guaranteed in the "fixed code" models, as a result of the new technology for protected duplication of single frequency fixed code radio controls.

TTS can manage up to four automations with the use of four programmable buttons: for example, a gate, a garage door, a pedestrian gate or garden lights can be controlled with a single click. The exclusive detail, the steel zamak, the textured cover and the buttons with metallic finish, have been conceived by CAME to turn TTS into an elegant, stylish and at the same time resistant accessory. As with the other CAME solutions, it is produced in Italy and suitable for every setting.

The self-learning function of the new radio controls makes it easy to replace CAME devices belonging to different series, such as TWIN, TOP and TOPD, and to integrate them into existing systems. The duplication of a new transmitter is also absolutely safe, as the TTS code can only be duplicated on another TTS model or on a remote control from the CAME TOPD series.

CAME has also considered practicality for TTS during development, with simple and safe battery replacement. The radio controls TTS are equipped with a system that makes it easy to change the battery without having to come into contact with the electronic parts, eliminating the risk of accidentally compromising them.

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