CAME launches on the market the new HRB road blocker model in shallow mount design. The model, which withstands impacts at a speed of 50 miles per hour (81.4 km/h) of a truck weighing 7,350 Kilograms, recently crash tested and successfully achieved ASTM F2656-18 C750, IWA 14-1:2013 Road Blocker V/7200[N3C]/80 and PAS68:2013 Road Blocker V/7500[N3]/80 certifications. It is also important to note that the road blocker remains fully functional after the impact.

The road blocker, of which impact blocking unit lifts to an angle of 45°, has been designed so that it does not require deep excavation operations for its installation: the new HRB is only 400 mm deep, so the installation process is quicker, costs are lower and there is no impact on existing underground infrastructure. It is therefore ideal in urban and metropolitan settings because it has been designed to be durable and to withstand intense cycles of use and stress, such as the continuous passage of vehicles over its surface. In addition, the non-visible structure is designed so that it will not be displaced by the impact of a vehicle with the non-slip surface flush with the asphalt. The hinge system has been specifically designed so that vehicles can pass over without jolting and without generating noise.

The system, in standard operating conditions and depending on the size of the model, takes between 3 and 6 seconds to deploy; for particular sensitive sites the fast raise up function can be selected as an option, which allows deployment in just 1.5 seconds. While the road blocker is moving, the system generates an audible warning signal. The system can be complemented with external detectors, such as safety sensors, traffic lights, remote controls or loop detectors, and equipped with optional batteries or connected to uninterruptible power supplies to ensure maximum efficiency 24 hours a day.

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