A new image for a renewed group identity.

The renewed CAME Group sees a symbol of change in its new corporate branding: the perfect blend of technology and people finds its fusion in a stylized and visually-dynamic representation of a person: the perfect synthesis of a technology that places people precisely at the centre of everything.

The world is constantly changing, and technology is setting the pace of change in anticipation of increasingly advanced and complex horizons.  There is a growing need to create a new language that will allow man to return to the centre of everything, and to technology always being a new opportunity. CAME breathes life into "human automation", a new balance in the relationship between man and technology. A level of communication which reaches everyone in every part of the world, and which is inspired by peoples' lives, to create new scenarios, and convert actions into emotions.

With over 60 years of market presence, CAME is an established company that has chosen to position itself with new awareness: that of a Group made up of many organizations working worldwide, which bring together all their resources, but which, from today, choose to speak to the world with a single voice.

CAME is enacting a development based on new ways of understanding the world of automation, based on the four laws of Human Automation, which outline a new quality of life designed for people because it is made up of people.

We try to look far ahead, imagining how our world can be, and what values are needed to grow: dialogue, passion, and know-how are the qualities that allow us to identify the most promising opportunities, help people automate, and to add intelligence to the places of their lives, by using integrated technology solutions that provide comfort, safety and performance.



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