Today smartphones and tablets have become part of our lifes.

These devices have become irreplaceable aids in our lives; thanks to apps that bring us control over new functions every day. Touching, seeing and listening are now all limitless. It's now all in your grasp.

At CAME we have developed a series of custom apps to control all of our products. Even from a remote location. And now we’ve gone even further.

We've improved the interaction between professional installers and private users. That's how the CAME CONNECT web platform was born, to enable installers to map out all the systems while providing immediateassistance to their customers.

Enter the world of CAME CONNECT. Check out our CAME apps.



The latest AUTOMATION applets you manage your CAME operators, even from a remote location.

Do you want to control one or more operators from your smartphone? Add the CONNECT GW gateway to your system to connect it to the web. There are three available connection types:

  • GSM (via SIM data card)
  • Wi-Fi (connecting to the domestic Wi-Fi network)
  • LAN (connecting, via Ethernet cable, to the router)

Opening, closing and checking the state of your CAME operators, from your portable device is now possible.



The XIP MOBILE app lets you manage any calls from your audio/video entry system, directly on your smart phone or tablet.

Do you want to see who is ringing the doorbell, even when you're not home? With XIP MOBILE you can receive calls and scan your outdoor perimeter, on your handheld device, even when you are away from home. There's no need for any additional devices or special configurations. Just connect the system to your home's router.

Now you can answer, check the video cameras live images and open the front door, all from your smartphone.



The DOMOTIC 3.0 app lets you manage your entire CAME Domotic system, via a simple, intuitive graphic interface.

Do you want to set up the ideal scenario for every circumstance? The DOMOTIC 3.0 app lets you manage your house, at a click: featuring a menu rich in functions and intuitive graphic-maps to exploit CAME technology and always choose the right scenario for you.

Adjust lighting, control the opening and closing of awnings and shutters, set the ideal temperature, and much more, all from your handheld device.


THermo App

THermo is the latest app that lets you manage your heating control system fitted with one or more TH/500 Wi-Fi thermostats.

Do you want to get back home and find the right temperature? The THermo app is like having your home's chronothermostat in the palm of your hand.

Now you can adjust the temperature, edit the daily schedule and activate scenariosvia geo-positioning.



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