Uncertain, unpredictable, fascinating: the future always leaves room for daydreaming about further challenges, comforts and new possibilities. Milliennials are experiencing this acceleration of technological and digital growth more than any other previous generation. The world is deeply changing in a fast paced way, turning and twisting old patterns of thought and moving away from old habits of understanding reality. All of us had to adapt and keep up with this big transformation in order to remain on board.

After a little bit of uncertainty, dizziness and confusion, it is now time to ask ourselves how we can make the future a better place to live and how technology will meet our needs. Moreover, we should state how home automation will become a possible solution that could improve the quality of our lives. The following 10 key elements can be taken as an insight of the near future and could explain how connected we will be with technology.

01. Ingenuity

During the last years, our motto has been ‘to never give up’ and always ask ourselves how to better deal with problems in order to get real improvements. Obstacles encourage our ingenuity as we always try to overcome them. 

02. Essential

Technology and science are part of a funny contradiction: reality appears as something very complex, however it is nothing but a sum of little elements combined together. To dismantle it, means to analyse every single detail, ease the comprehension of it and get to the essential. In the future, we will always search for the essence (and the essential) through more and more sophisticated techniques.  

03. Multiculturalism

A world based on differences and peculiarities owns the greatest treasure ever: the possibility of sharing traditions, cultures and know-how. There is no need of a dominant culture, we only need to respect each one – which leds us directly to the next paragraph.

04. Integration

Each culture displays a great value itself. However, cultures can only reinforce themselves by mixing up, even among the most diverse ones. In the past, cultural exchanges often produced new cultures, more advanced and varied. Technology won’t level out cultural differences: it will just make communication much easier.

05. Family

Although the idea of traditional family varies widely depending on different cultures - and is also deeply changing at the global level - everyone will always associate with family a reassuring idea of childhood, protection and close relationships. In the future, no matter how and where our families will be, we will count on our family as a starting point for reaching our goals, both professionally and as individuals.

06. Dynamism

Reality is our background. It is a fast-paced environment, constantly evolving. To this extent, we should always stay proactive, responsive, rapid, always balanced and able to restart, to avoid unpleasant situations like waking up in a world that is moving on without us.

07. Passion

A future where man is completely replaced by machines happened to be a wrong forecast. We will always be the ones taking the new step or at least, we will have to use our brains. That is why passion will be extremely necessary for every future action. Given our motivation to open our minds and seek new horizons, we are ready to step out from our comfort zone whenever they will give us the chance.

08. Design

Physics are more and more important in a world that tends to level bodies and reduce them to zero, making each component invisible and producing tiny devices with huge performances. Design is not just fashionable right now: it means also making aesthetics functional and charge them with meaning. Design will make us more sensitive and aware of the world we are living in.

09. Leadership

We grew up in an overcrowded world, full of stimulating promises, in a constant rush full of ambitions. Trying to excel is a natural trend and it is normal to fear failure. The future will also provide us with new tools to challenge ourselves and aim for the top. From our side, we must be brave enough to take the lead.

10. Strength

Last but not least: we depicted an awesome and positive future, but we know that there will be plenty of difficulties to deal with. We stated it already: these are exaclty the engines that make us work to improve. However, resistance and strength will be of the most vital importance to keep on standing on our feet.



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