An impressive range of CAME automation products to expand your business potential

CAME are pleased to announce the launch a new range of products, which we hope will offer you and your business an interesting product portfolio to expand and diversify your business potential. The new collection of products includes turnstiles, speed gates, road blockers and bollards designed and manufactured by CAME OZAK.

The extensive range CAME ÖZAK offer presents an exciting opportunity for any business looking to develop their automation potential… not to mention the competitive pricing.


Brand new range of products in this brochure pack

In this brochure pack you will find a collection of brochures detailing everything CAME OZAK products have to offer you and your business.

The Turnstile Catalogue

By adding CAME OZAK into an already impressive range of CAME turnstiles, we've strengthened our range of turnstiles suitable for multiple settings. Offering both full and half height turnstiles we’re confident that we can provide you with a complete solution based on your project specification.

The Speed Gate Catalogue

CAME OZAK offer a huge range of speed gates, which integrate our current automation range of products. Speed gates are a completely new product within the CAME collection, so we’re excited to be able to include them. Competitive pricing alongside a robust, quality product makes CAME OZAK speed gates an exciting prospect.

The Road Blocker Catalogue

For the first time, CAME can offer a wide range of heavy duty road blockers that will complement our growing range of road barriers. Road blockers designed for a variety of settings that help to improve our perimeter protection range.

The Bollard Catalogue

Our new collection of bollards includes CAME URBACO, but is now complemented by a set of economically priced bollards by CAME OZAK. We’ve created a new price list that includes pre-defined kits that should make your ordering process simpler than ever before.

The Price List

We’ve created an easy to navigate price list that corresponds with the contents of the brochure pack. Where we can we’ve created kits to make your purchasing experience as simple as possible. If you can’t find a price for something please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to supply a quotation.

Visit the CAME OZAK website



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