CAME KMS has supported Wycombe Homeless Connection for several years. As part of that continued support, CAME has now launched ‘CAME to 5K’.  

Over the 1st weekend in August (6th-8th) 2021 members of our CAME UK team will be undertaking a 5k run or walk, with all donations going to charity.

Wycombe Homeless Connection’s work is not just preventing homelessness from happening in the first place but supporting individuals and families if it’s already happened.

Things you could take for granted like opening a bank account, getting ID or going to the doctor are very difficult if you have no fixed address.

Your donation will support the expert team and volunteers who give support to those who need it. Some examples of costs are:

  • £75 a day to run a support helpline
  • £460 to prevent an unfair eviction
  • £1916 to fund a support worker for 1 month.

1 in 200 people will be homeless at some time in their life. When that happens the chances of violence whilst on the street, drug taking and likelihood of suicide all significantly increase.

So please support us by donating, as members of our team at all of our CAME UK branches are taking part with the 5k run/walk, your donation will have a positive impact on someone's life.

To donate please visit our Virgin Money Giving page.

To see more of the work Wycombe Homeless Connection please check their website.



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