Off street management software

The new and versatile responsive user interface of Lince web 7.0 can be used on PC, tablet or smartphone.  It has been created with an exceptional design, both in terms of graphics and operation, in order to offer a simple and intuitive control interface that is elegant and modern at the same time.

At the heart of the system, Lince web 7.0 integrates all parking products and services to offer users the best parking experience and our customers the highest profitability of their business.

New features and innovative technologies deriving from an ever-changing, increasingly global, integrated and intelligent world are constantly added to Lince software thanks to our powerful R&D department.

Main Features

  • Web browser enabled.
  • Web responsive for PC, tablet and smartphone.
  • Real-time parking monitoring, control and maintenance.
  • Multiple parking views based on access privileges.
  • Multi-tenant services.
  • Web-based reporting services.
  • POS app for smartphone.
  • Car park equipment audit and updates.
  • Customer integration over the web.

Technical Overview

  • High availability at specialised datacentres.
  • Geo-redundancy of data and servers.
  • Vertical auto-scaling (more power in servers at high demand moments).
  • Horizontal auto-scaling (more servers online at high demand moments).
  • Server maintenance and updates on the cloud, no on-premises maintenance required.


The Lince web 7.0 parking management and control software offers 2 installation modes (local or cloud) in order to better adapt to the concrete needs of individual customers.

  • Local: install Lince web 7.0 in the traditional way through a local server to take advantage of all the management and control benefits we offer.
  • Cloud: install Lince web 7.0 in cloud mode to experience all the extra benefits that this installation provides, in the customer's cloud as well as in CAME Parkare's specialized data center.

Lince 7.0 web reports

  • Statistic reports including: payments, products, invoices and receipts.
  • Card records.
  • Sales, balances refills.
  • Movements and errors.
  • Alarms and exceptions.
  • Report of card consumptions.
  • Report of pool groups.
  • Reports of deferred payment.

In the reports, you can apply filters by dates, car parks, terminals, type of users and products; view graphics or details: exports to PDF, Word, Excel, Image, CSV, XML and MHTML.

Web app to monitor and control

  • Monitor the state of all the car parks.
  • Monitor the state of the terminals in a car park.
  • Monitor and control one terminal. You can see the real state of the
  • terminal and associated cameras while performing actions on the terminal.
  • Monitor and control the active alarms of a terminal. You can perform actions on the affected devices.
  • Monitor and control the advices of one or all the parking lots, including: exceptions, alarms, user messages.

Additional Value-added services


  • Integration services: Thanks to our Lince web 7.0 integration services, our customers can easily access products and/or services offered by third parties.
  • The parking business model is determined exclusively by the operator without any intervention by the supplier of the system: Choose what you need for your business, expand it by adding new features, modify it so that it suits the demand, etc.
  • Easy integration: The services are designed to simplify the integration process. They are accessible from all programming languages and operating systems and are based on the most widely used Internet standards, making them compatible with almost all third-party products and services on the market.
  • Data always safe and secure: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

Choose the integration services you need or combine them to make the maximum advantage of them.

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