Answer intercom calls and open your gate or door directly from your phone, no receiver required. 

MTM A CONNECT employs a 4G LTE SIM card for wireless mobile connection to services and data.  The perfect solution for small to medium applications, and because of its simplicity, strength and reliability it is also suitable for larger accommodation.

MTM A CONNECT is the first audio entry module in the MTM series that requires only a power supply and no additional wiring.

Answer the intercom on your phone

Our phones have become an irreplaceable part of how we manage our homes. A user's phone can control the MTM A CONNECT without any additional apps, answer intercom calls, create accounts or deal with additional configuration procedures.

Every time someone rings the intercom, the user receives a call to their phone number.

Owners can talk directly to visitors and use their phone as a remote control, opening doors and gates and controlling automation, simply by entering the code directly on your phone's keypad.

In addition, system configuration can be managed by the system owner, without the need for specialist assistance.

For more control, the CAME CONNECT SetUp App allows access to advanced features such as editing, adding or deleting phone numbers (up to 3000) that can be used to activate the intercom for entry.

Even more control, from your smartphone

By combining MTM A CONNECT with the CAME AUTOMATION App, the system can be fully controlled using a single App:

Open gates, entrance doors, garage doors, parking barriers, even activate garden lights or irrigation systems integrated into the system.


All compositions available in MTM, MTM VR, VRW & VRM finishes

Digital Composition

The digital display allows a phone book with up to 3000 names to be displayed. During the programming phase you can choose the most appropriate search mode based on the number of users, a scrolling list or an alphabetical block search.

Push-button Composition

On the call module, you can customise the amount of buttons required. Using a variety of modular front plates you can achieve maximum button composition flexibility. Available with 2, 3, 4 and 8 button front plates.

Access Control

The MTM range also includes 2 modules dedicated to access control, one with a keypad and one with an RFID reader. The VRW & VRM ranges can also accommodate the unique 'Universal reader bracket' able to house most types of common proximity access control reader.


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