This operating system is protected by a stainless steel cover plate.
In compliance with CEI EN 60439-1 European standard and NFP98-310 French standard for energy distribution.


Material:    Steel
Dimensions:    Ø320 mm - H800 mm Weight: from 120 to 150 kg (depending the configurations)
Surface coating and finish:    High performance polyester paint (Colour RAL 3020 as standars).
High percentage of zinc primer use for optimal rust-inhibiting.
Teardrop finishing plate.
Mode of operation:    Gas spring are used for easy bollard raising up.The bollard is moved using a key which releases the mechanism. E11 specific locking key shape is require to operate the bollard. The bollard returns to its fully raised position automatically, where it is locked in place. They provide their users and the general public with a guarantee of total safety.
Protection: IP67 waterproof protection (EN 60529)
Energy distribution: Various configurations are available in full electrical distribution, full water distribution or a combination of the two.


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