Concept Monobloc Concept ® Bollard head, casing and cover made of 11mm average thick cast iron material. These parts are cast as one single piece, without any weld nor wear part.
Use Regular to intensive passages
Material 11 mm average thick cast-iron material (zinc based primer as standard reinforcing corrosion-resistance)
Visual signage Class II reflective band I Luminous ring LEDS (or without led) I Cover with LEDS (or without led)
Impact resistance From 1.5 T at 48km/h to 2.5 T at 48km/h (set of 2)
Dimensions (mm) Ø250 x H550 I Ø250 x H750
Standard ISO EN 124 - E600 class (up to 60 Tons) I In compliance with NFP98-310 I In compliance with the French PMR decree
Design Without sleeve: Machined and painted bollard head
With sleeve (3 designs): 304 L Stainless Steel Painted I 304 L Personnalisé I 316 L Stainless Steel
Motorisations Built In Hydraulic Pump I External Hydraulic Pump I Pnuematic




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