The Arlésienne bollard is available in 3 different diameters (Ø155, Ø180 et Ø240 mm) and 4 heights above ground (290, 600, 700 et 900 mm) depending on model. It is available as removable or permanent fixed bollard, but it can also be bolted.

The removable bollard coupled with their Fixator® (a CAME Urbaco patent) is removable without any special or additional tool: a key is all it takes. A locking system will deter no authorised would-be users to open the access. A turn of the key is enough to unlock the bollard and remove it from its socket. The Fixator cover is placed instead, clearing the way for free access.

Arlésienne Amovible

Material:     11mm average thick cast-iron material
Treatment:    Zinc-based primer as standard reinforcing corrosion-resistance 
Finition:    Matt finish thermosetting polyester powder top coat (RAL7016 standard)
Fixator:    The FIXATOR® is concreted into the ground and the bollard or post is fitted into it by manually rotating it and securing it with a key.
Ground cover:    As an option, the ground cover plate is the ideal accessory to close off and secure the FIXATOR® when the bollard is removed.
Dimensions (mm):    Ø175 x H290, Ø180 x H600, Ø240 x H700
Standard:    In compliance with the French PMR decree (depending dimensions)

Access control in 3 steps:
1- Unlock,
2- Turn and
3- Lift

This is a simple and effective solution to restrict access to any area with a small budget. The Fixator® is embedded in concrete at finished grade level. Impact resistance therefore mostly depends on the quality of the anchoring of Fixator® in the ground.

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Coupled with their Fixator® the bollard is removable without any special or additional tool.

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