• GPRS/3G Real Time Communications – with roaming network provider and signal monitoring, enabling better coverage and reliability.
  • Area & Group Configuration – simplifying how systems are managed by allowing housing blocks/estates/user groups etc. To be administered collectively.
  • Pre-programmed Fobs – enabling new or replacement fobs to be simply assigned.
  • Universal Search Bar – intuitive management of resident and staff/contractor fobs, with search as you type feature.
  • Activity/Alarm Monitoring – both user events and system alarms (i.e. door forced/left open) can be reported with the option of predetermined alerts being sent out using SMS or email.
  • Custom Reports – fobs usage and absconsion reports available in SimpleKey Web.
  • Cloud Based Administration – specifically designed for housing.
  • Any Web-Enabled Device – designed to be used with smartphones and tablets as well as conventional PC’s.
  • Mapping – block locations and addresses can be displayed on an interactive map, providing a graphical overview of your system.


  • Many existing CAME KMS or non CAME KMS systems can be utilising most of the existing hardware & fobs.
  • Additional functions like lift control, door monitoring & integration with fire & safety systems can simply be incorporated.
  • Every system brought online to the SimpleKey Web System, is remotely commissioned by CAME KMS ensuring good communications & the installation is functioning correctly to meet the site requirements.

Over the years we have always looked at ways to illustrate our industry leading access control products and how they benefit our customers. The video shows how easy it is to manage access through communal doors with SimpleKey Web. This is why over 32,000 communal housing doors in the UK are controlled with the system.



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