• Control for up to 8 outputs which can be used for lift control, lighting management etc.
  • Monitoring for up to 8 inputs which can be used for fire door management, cupboard access monitoring etc.
  • Built in sounder and communication LED’s.
  • RJ45 & terminal connection for linking to the KMS BUS.
  • Cloud based management with individual QR code identification enabling simpler setup and support.

SimpleKey Event Manager (SEM)

SimpleKey Event Manager (SEM) allows additional building functions to be controlled and monitored when connected to a SimpleKey system controller.

Supplied in a DIN rail format with simple connections to the free topography CAME KMS bus, the SEM can connect in exactly the same way as other SimpleKey components.

The SEM works with the SimpleKey system to provide monitoring and control for additional on-site equipment i.e. lift control, emergency lighting, BMS alarms and analogue door entry entry integration.

With 8 programmable inputs and 8 programmable relays (2 rated at 10.0A and 8 at 1.0A) connected by the KMS BUS via ether a plug-in RJ45 socket and/or standard terminal connector, whilst power for the pcb and optionally, the outputs is supplied via a separate 12V input. Each pcb has a unique QR code which identifies the components on the KMS BUS. Up to 4 SEMs can be connected to each SimpleKey System Controller.

Examples of how this may be used

  • Lift control – by integrating with the lift management system, one KMS reader on the ground floor can be used to call the lift car, only allowing the user to go the floor(s) they are allowed access to.
  • Internal lighting – when an entrance door is opened the internal lights can be switched on for a pre-determined time, if the mains power fails and the lighting switches to “emergency lighting” this can be reported via email to an authorised member of staff or contractors.
  • Fire Door Monitoring – buildings which have a number of fire doors which do not have access control fitted, can still be monitored for being left open and this again can be reported via email to an authorised member of staff or contractors.
  • CCTV links – by linking the SEM to CCTV cameras on site, selected events (i.e. door forced/left open, particular residents entering a block or landing) can signal the CCTV to record that particular event and add an event time stamp.

Technical Information

Power Connections
12 – 15V System input
250mA draw for PCB
Optional 12V input for relays

8 programmable relays
NO or N/C connection
2 rated at 10A
8 rated at 1A

Programable inputs
Monitoring for N/O or N/C

Connects on KMS BUS
Uses RJ 45 and/or screw connecti

DIN Rail 275mm long x 119mm wide



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