System Controller - Features

  • Control for up to two doors, with lock outputs, door monitoring, emergency overrides and trades button control.
  • Multiple system controllers can be connected together and used at one location.
  • Real time GPRS communications with built in modem and pre-configured roaming SIM.
  • Bus based free topography architecture, utilising standard Cat 5 cabling for connection of additional components.
  • Optional detachable programming panel allowing local administration.
  • Cloud based management with individual QR code identification enabling simpler set-up and support.

Technical Information

Power Connections

  • 12–15v input, 500mA (without auxiliary connections)
  • Optional battery back-up connection

Lock Outputs

  • 2 lock outputs
  • N/O or N/C connection
  • Optional on-board power connection
  • Thermal cut-out protection

Monitoring and Control (2 door)

  • RTE connection
  • Door monitoring
  • Local emergency override
  • Global emergency override
  • Trades button control
  • 2 programmable relay outputs

N.B; the above can be reprogrammed for other functions


  • Single coax connection to high gain aerial


  • KMS Bus (used to connect the components is Cat 5 or above (open topography)
  • Lock – dependent on lock type and specification, (Twin 1mm2 copper flex up to 1 Amp)

PCB Dimensions

  • 210mm × 160mm × 50mm


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