• Control for one or two doors with lock output(s), door monitoring, emergency overrides etc.
  • Built in Sounder and communication LEDs.
  • Separate power input for powering all devices and the door lock(s).
  • RJ45 & terminal connection for the connection to the KMS Bus.
  • Cloud based management with individual QR code identification enabling simpler setup and support.

SimpleKey 4 Door Extension Kits

The SimpleKey 4 Door Extension kits allow additional doors to be controlled when connected to a SimpleKey 4 system controller. Available in one or two door versions, in a DIN rail format with simple connections to the free topography KMS Bus.

The SimpleKey 4 Door Extension kits, come in 1 or 2 door versions. Each unit has all the connections necessary for; The Lock, The Legacy (or Wiegand) reader(s), RTE, Door Contacts, Emergency Overrides which can also be specifically programmed for different uses as required. KMS BUS connection is either via a plug-in RJ45 socket or standard terminal connectors, whilst power for both the PCBs and lock output is supplied via a separate 12v input. Each kit has the doors it is controlling clearly identified and each pcb has a unique QR code which identifies the component on the BUS and can be used to give more detailed information. Up to 14 additional doors can be added to a single SimpleKey 4 System Controller.

Technical Information

Power Connections

  • 12-15v System input 500mA
  • 12-24v Auxillary Power input (Wattage dependent on auxiliary connections)
  • Lock Outputs
    • 1 or 2 lock outputs
    • N/O or N/C connection
    • Optional on-board power connection
    • Thermal cut-off protection


  • 2 reader connection
  • Standard KMS & 26 bit Wiegand

Standard Monitoring and Control

  • RTE Connection
  • Door monitoring
  • Local emergency override
  • Global emergency override
  • Trades Button
  • 1 or 2 relays (follow lock)

N.B: the above can be reprogrammed for other functions


  • CAME KMS Bus (used to connect to the system) is Cat 5 or above (open topography) 500 max
  • Locks – dependent on lock type & specification (Twin 1mm2 copper flex up to 1 Amp)
  • Reader – 6 or 8 core alarm multi-stranded cable 50m max

Dimensions – (DIN mount)

  • 2 door – 300mm × 82mm × 50mm
  • 1 door – 245mm × 82mm × 50mm


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