• Legacy readers compatible with most types of legacy fobs including CAME KMS Shark Tooth PAC, Entrotag etc.
  • HS reader offers additional security by eliminating the risk of cloning the HS fobs, which will also work with legacy readers (without the additional security).
  • Panel mount reader uses the industry standard 40mm aperture enabling the reader to fit into most new and existing door entry panels.
  • Vandal Resistant reader employing a robust stainless-steel case and fully potted electronics that can be used in environmentally challenging conditions.
  • Legacy and HS Readers work with all types of CAME KMS systems and a range of other manufacturers controllers whilst the BUS readers only work with SimpleKey 4 systems.
  • Range of LED designs (Blue/Red/Green) giving a number of engineering functions, as well as whether access is allowed or denied.
  • Robust British designed and built readers for UK housing providers and comes with a life time guarantee.


CAME KMS manufactures a range of reader specifically designed for residential use. All the CAME KMS readers are compatible with the SimpleKey range of controller and can also be used with other access control manufactures equipment. The Panel mount readers are designed to fit into the standard aperture and fixings of door entry panels whilst the vandal resistant and surface mount options allow individual readers to be installed without the need of additional housings.

  • This British designed and built reader has been specifically designed for UK housing providers and comes with a three year guarantee
  • Multiple simultaneous data outputs; selectable 26-bit or 44-bit Wiegand as well as industry standard compatible serial data
  • ABS and Marine grade stainless steel fully encapsulated Housings to IP66 standard
  • Optional Mifare technology – by developing our own unique Mifare based; protocol, a higher level of security is provided
  • Status indication – by using a combination of LED function various engineering functions are indicated, as well as whether access is allowed or denied


The Panel Mount reader is designed to be mounted within metal panels, no thicker than 2.0mm with a 40mm square cut-out for the front of the reader. Dimensions: 55mm × 55mm square × 11mm deep.

The Vandal Resistant can be fixed to any non-metallic surface using, the supplied, vandal resistant screws. Dimensions: 100mm × 100mm square × 13mm deep.

The Surface Mount reader is designed to be fixed directly onto a wall or pedestal. Dimensions: 100mm × 100mm square × 40mm deep.

Connected using standard alarm/1308/Cat 5 or above dependent on type and application.



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