A vision of being a socially responsible organisation, helps to safeguard society and the planet for future generations as well as uniting us as an organisation in a vision that we can all believe in.

We believe a socially responsible organisation is more productive, resilient to future challenges and can make a positive impact for the:

  • workplace (the people we employ, our clients, supply chain and customers)
  • environment on which we all depend
  • communities where we operate
  • philanthropic agenda

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy reflects our values and is be integrated into our business strategy and measurable goals.

We aim to use our particular strengths through our operations and related to our industry.

In order to achieve these goals, we firstly adhere to the CAME Group Code of Ethics and aim to minimise our impact on the environment in everything we do. In addition, we support our staff in delivering help and support to local and national community & charity projects. We are committed to providing adequate resources to measure and minimise our impact and go beyond to leave a positive legacy. We will carry out the necessary training in order to communicate our vision and goals internally to our employees and externally to our clients, supply chain and customers.

Wycombe Homeless Connection

CAME KMS is committed to the community as well as all housing related issues and over the years has looked to give something back to the community and has created a strong partnership with local charity Wycombe Homeless Connection. The partnerships enable us to support the local community as a whole as well as the individual needs of those who are homeless in High Wycombe. All our team support WYHOC who are always looking for volunteers, so if you want to help out or find out more, have a look at their website.


The KMS Van

Behind the scenes at CAME KMS, there is always something different going on and many people will have seen us around the local area and at exhibitions in our van. We like to think that the van reflects our values.

  • Reliable
  • British built
  • Service centred
  • Flexible

As you can see from the pictures, it is still going and whilst it needs a bit of love and attention from time to time, it has served many roles over the years from deliveries to engineer support and in later years as our ambassador. If you want to find out more about the Hillman van, get in touch with us and our resident expert, Tim Gregory will give you all the history and more.



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