Translink is Northern Ireland’s public transportation provider, offering a variety of services including bus and rail. Translink operate throughout locations in Northern Ireland and identified the need to enhance the safety and security at these sites.

Crane Communications is a security installation company, with over 40 years experience, located in Northern Ireland who manage projects throughout the United Kingdom. Their specialist engineers can handle the most complex projects, ensuring clients receive a seamless, innovative, and creative solution. This enhanced by Crane Communications dedication to relationship development, which complements their ability to effectively complete large projects such as the Translink Bus Safety Upgrades.



Translink identified the need to strengthen the security and safety around various bus and rail locations throughout Northern Ireland. It was critical they implemented a system to manage the flow of vehicles and pedestrians entering each site, thereby keeping employees and general public safe.

Due to the complexities associated with each site, there was a need to update the infrastructure monitoring vehicles visiting each facility. A system to control the entry of these vehicles accessing each site was essential for Translink.

Each Translink location has it’s own layout and set of standards, demanding a bespoke and adaptable installation from Crane Communications.


Over 55 CAME Gard 6 barriers with photocells (DIR20 & DELTA’s) are installed at a variety of Translink Stations. CAME Gard 6 barriers are accompanied by vandal-resistant intercom systems that provided excellent vehicle access control.

The combination of Gard 6 barriers and vandal resistant intercoms ensured that vehicle access is continuously monitored and recorded. Unauthorised vehicles, without a proximity access fob, would have to use the intercom system to call the control room before access can be granted. Prior to this installation, this level of physical security was non-existent.

The integration of this equipment would also separate people and transportation infrastructure, creating a safer environment for visitors and workers. An access control system that is fully integrated with all CAME products would control overall system management and identify which vehicles are authorised and which are not.



Crane Communications began the installation by delivering an innovative technological solution to improve the security and safety of Translink sites located across Northern Ireland, starting with the Limavady and Bangor bus stations.

Across the 18 Translink sites completed, over 55 CAME Gard 6 barrier systems (with photocells) and 21 vandal resistant intercoms have been installed. At all locations across Northern Ireland, the response has been incredibly positive.

Vehicle access is now managed centrally which allows for the administration of vehicles entering each Translink station. Busy locations such as Bangor Train Station have benefited the most from vehicle access control as the stations provide a much safer environment. The systems were seamlessly implemented, while increasing the station’s operating efficiency.

This project is ongoing with Crane Communications continually renovating Translink sites across Northern Ireland. Sites such as Strabane bus station are scheduled to undergo the access control renovations to improve the stations overall operation and safety; using the suite of CAME products that have previously contributed to the overall project success.


  • Antrim Bus & Rail Station
  • Armagh Bus Station
  • Ballymena Bus Station
  • Ballynahinch Bus Station
  • Bangor Bus & Rail Station
  • Cookstown Bus Station
  • Downpatrick Bus Station
  • Enniskillen Bus Station
  • Laganside Bus Station
  • Larne Bus Station
  • Limavady Bus Station
  • Lisburn Bus Station
  • Magherafelt Bus Station
  • Milewater Service Centre
  • Newcastle Bus Station
  • Newtownards Bus Station
  • North West Hub
  • Omagh Bus Station

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