Access Control Management for pedestrians and vehicles

The Port of Venice is Italy’s eighth largest port in traffic volume terms, and one of the most important in the Mediterranean for cruise ships, catering to an enormous flow of people and vehicles. CAME was commissioned to facilitate pedestrian and vehicular access control management, and to guarantee user safety.

The Port management company wanted to simplify and speed up the enormous flow of people, including cruise line and ferry passengers, ship and ferry employees, security, law enforcement and other port workers, while offering parking facilities to everybody who needs them. Given the site’s importance and characteristics, both users and the site required the implementation of security-led solutions.

For the cruise ship sector, the solution that was implemented featured five parking systems managing some 4,000 spaces, along with a full-height security turnstile to control access to a zone restricted to authorized personnel, plus a passenger communications transmission system featuring video signage in the waiting room.

For passenger security during ferry embarkation, the CAME team developed a system of turnstiles equipped with special ticket-reading scanners, integrated into a metal detector system for checking the flow of people and their baggage.

CAME developed a system consisting of: 1 Guardian turnstile, 5 PS ONE line car parks, waiting room video signage, and scanner and metal detector-equipped turnstiles.




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