Plexus Fire and Security are multiskilled installers who offer solutions for access control, automation, fire and intrusion, CCTV, and intercom systems. They provide a completely integrated service that encompasses design, project management, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

After providing a proposal for the project, Plexus Fire and Security were chosen to deliver a comprehensive solution, which included the installation of access control, CCTV equipment, fire and intrusion systems, and automated security equipment.

This project included the installation of two CAME GT4 barriers to maintain full control over the visitor’s car park area and help prevent access to other areas of the site, which came as a late request from the client.


The clients request came during the final stages of the project with a specific requirement for a rapid leadtime. The system requested simply needed to allow the client to control access to a small number of spaces within a visitor’s parking area at a well-know Welsh Police Force.

Justin Faulkner, Automation specialist at Plexus Fire and Security

“For Plexus Fire and Security this project was a huge success. The late request for the barriers further helped Plexus Fire & Security to provide their customer with the support required to deliver the project within the project deadlines.

The speed in which we received both GT4 kits helped contribute towards overall project success. The Always Connected element was a real winner for us and it was the element that cemented our final decision, and it is now the reason we are going to use CAME in the future.”


Two CAME GT4 barriers were installed at the entry point of the Welsh Police Force HQ. These automated barriers would control the flow of traffic entering and exiting the facility; entry is validated by the integrated access control system whereas exit is freely accessible. This was accomplished by incorporating induction loops into the floor beneath each boom and utilising the auto closing time feature available on the built-in CAME ZL39 control board.

Plexus Fire and Security opted for the Always Connected CAME GT4 kits which meant they received FREE cloud connectivity. The CAME Connect platform allowed the installation team to register the system to the cloud network and complete 90% configuration through the CAME Automation App. Beyond this, for the client’s reassurance Plexus Fire and Security can continue to monitor the automation system and remotely fix any minor issues that may occur.

The CAME GT4 barrier is built for intensive use purposes and is tested to operate 350 cycles per hour, which is more than adequate for the installation at the Police Station, complementing the projects requirements for a robust and reliable solution.


The speed of delivery was pivotal in meeting the clients demands for a solution to manage control to the visitors car park. Plexus Fire and Security placed their order with CAME on November 5th, 2021, and the GT4 barriers arrived at site on November 9th 2021, considerably ahead of schedule.

The functionality of the barrier system allowed the client to maintain full control over the visitor’s car park area and helped to prevent access to other areas of the project, conducted by Plexus Fire and Security.

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