Successful completion of UK’s first PKE installation for Chelmsford City Council

In early 2016, CAME Parkare replied to the public tender from Chelmsford City Council for the replacement of their current parking systems located at several sites throughout the city, with the new PKE system.

The City Council wanted to overhaul their current system, which was no longer able to cope with the current demands of the city’s parking, to provide a highly reliable and responsive system, that ensured payment transactions and security of the car park were of paramount importance. The “innovative & robust” system needed to modernise parking for the city’s residents. The Chelmsford sites due for upgrade were:  

  • High Chelmer – Multi-Storey   
  • Townfield – Multi-Storey
  • Meadows Surface – Pay-on-Foot Surface
  • Meadows Retail – Multi-Storey
  • Fairfield Road – Pay on Display
  • Civic Centre – One Level Barrier Restricted

CAME Parkare’s PKE system offered the ideal solution to help Chelmsford City Council improve the customer experience across the 6 sites.

PKE’s modern approach to parking minimises moving parts within the system, using newer dual thermal printer technology which increases ticket capacity, allowing machines to operate more quickly and efficiently to maximise traffic flow and decrease levels of downtime for the overall system. The perfect solution for the demands of Chelmsford’s busy city centre car parks.

The solution provided by PKE enables the City Council to further reduce the percentage of cash transactions by providing greater opportunities for cashless payment including credit card facilities on all 15 pay stations, online and account management.

A centralised system located at the Townfield site with the capability to remotely manage transactions, such as ticket replacement, operate ANPR systems, and provide comprehensive management reports via CAME Parkare’s LINCE web based management system.

To further enhance the opportunities available to City Council partners, PKE provides a range of marketing capabilities, including optional bespoke ticket printing for promotional advertising and a 1920 x 357 pixel digital advertising display located on each automatic pay station providing prime advertising space.  

In January 2017, the first PKE installation was successfully completed across the 6 city sites managing a combined total of over 2800 spaces, 13 entry terminals, 13 pay stations & 13 exit terminals, 26 barriers, controlled via a single central multipark management server with central computers at each site, to become the UK’s first major installation of PKE.      

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